Review: Cinder and Ella by Kelly Oram


Review Rating: 4.6/5 stars

I came across this book thanks to one of the members of The Royal Palace group in Facebook. I posted a post in the group, asking for a read similar to Paper Princess, and I got a comment recommending me to read this. And, THANK YOU for that cuz I was lost in another fairytale for a day! Yep, read this in one day! It was also that amazing!

Basically, this book is about a girl named Ella and a pop star sensation named Brian Oliver. I hope I won’t end up spoiling anything over here, btw! So, going back…these two peeps have been friends for about three years as pen pals. They haven’t really met each other…ever… since they live in opposite sides of the US, and of course, fear was also in between! Then, one day, Ella gets into an accident with her mom, wherein she survives and her mom doesn’t. So, she ends up living with her father (cuz her parents are divorced to begin with). Her dad lives in LA, so she moves there. Brian Oliver, being a pop star, of course lives in Hollywood.

One thing to note is that when Ella got into an accident, she suffered a lot of burns. AS in, 70% of her body is burnt. Luckily, her face wasn’t affected. But, half of her body was. Which was why, she never told Brian that she moved to a place really close to him. Either way, Brian did not really want to meet her in person (though he wanted to deep inside) because he doesn’t want to take away Ella’s privacy since…you know– the paparazzi!

This book is really all about love, friendship, and family. It’s really this very very fun read…and a happy one too! Basically, when Ella moves into her new home, she really had a hard time adjusting. Her stepmother was this gorgeous super model, and her two stepsisters were cruel…but, things changed throughout the story.

Through this book, I was able to see the value of forgiveness and perseverance. You see, Ella’s dad was rich, and she got sent to a private school with her stepsisters. IT was really horrible for her. Since she was a “cripple”, people laughed at her. Well, this was also caused mainly by Anastasia, one of her stepsisters. You will really get to see the world of mean and cruel students here, and having dealt with something similar, I felt how Ella felt. And, it just made me love the book more.

And of course, since I’m a sucker for happy endings and fairytales, I really loved the ending. It was all magic to me. And I do hope, that these things really do happen in real life. Brian Oliver, though a superstar, was a real friend and person to Ella. Everyone single being on Earth needs someone like that. And, the fact that he accepted her despite her case…it was really not only acceptance, but also love.

If you love a good ending and a light read, this one is for you! And trust me, you will end up falling for Brian Oliver and his wittiness. He’s just all warmth and home. This book made me love “love” more. I hope I would end up finding book boyfriends in my life one day.

All my love!


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