Review: Paper Princess by Erin Watt


Review Rating: 4.8/5 stars

Can I just honestly say that I have never been thankful for that iBooks “Recommendations” feature button? I discovered Paper Princess thanks to iBooks, and holy macarole thank goodness I did! This is my first summer read of the year. Darn, if not for premed, I would have finished it earlier! This book is just AMAZING with all capital letters!

First of all, I’m not a fan of step-sibling relationships, but this book never let me feel like the two main protagonists violated anything since there was no remarrying that happened, or adoption, or whatever.

SO what am I really talking about? Let me give you a brief summary of the book without me spoiling anything, I hope! Okay, so the main character’s name is Ella. Yep, just like the ella from Cinderella! And she’s basically family-less since her mom passed away…and so did her dad. Though, her parents were not really together to begin with. So, she has this guardian named Callum who magically appears one day in the public school she goes to. Callum is her dad’s bff, and let’s just say Callum has a good heart. Callum brings Ella to his Royal Mansion, and there…she meets the five Royal brothers! And, she also gets a Princess Room (that’s what she calls it since its mostly pink…and big…and princess-cy!) So, of course she isn’t treated by her “step-brothers” right, especially Reed who is basically the other main character. Though, I wouldn’t really call him the antagonist. Of course, you know where this is going to go! It’s a good-girl falls in love with a bad-boy story. But, it’s not as common as you think! It’s really fun! It’s a world full of royalty, cruelty, and a little love in between. It has friendship, family (even if it isn’t that obvious), and happiness (deep down in the heart).

I really think that Ella was brave to face the world by herself after her mom passed away. She worked like a prostitute, basically stripping…pole dancing, just to feed herself some food and get herself a good education. She has a brave heart. And, she’s really lucky she was born beautiful too, may I say. And, apart from the fact that Callum adopted her, she never forgot where she came from and how she lived. Which is why, she probably chose to work in a bake shop even if she doesn’t have to. Totally this girl gets the crown whether she marries a royal or not.

This book will definitely rip you apart into pieces, but it will make you whole again when you come across “scenes” that will make your stomach have butterflies! The connection Reed and Ella has is just amazing. And Ella, even in she is the outsider, really does bring happiness to the Royal family considering how broken it really is already. It’s a really beautiful story, despite the sexual scenes I usually skip cuz…even if I’m in college, I’m still rated-pg13! Haha!

But of course, every great book has a cliff hanger…usually. Made me furious! Can’t wait for the second book! There will be three books in this series. The first is this one, the second will be “Broken Prince”, and the third will be entitled “Twisted Palace”.

SO, I definitely recommend this book! I read it only in a day! And, I even got my little sister to read it! And believe me, it is a miracle I got her to read something since she doesn’t read…at all. This book is magical, and you won’t even know you’ve lost yourself in the Royal world cuz you’re too busy with Reed Royal. Easton, his brother is a great guy too. Though he is another playboy, I know he has a heart full of sweetness. HE must definitely get his own story one day.

Trust me, you really really really have to read this book. I wish I was the one Callum took in. Living with all those Royals and having a Princess Room? And my own royal blue colored car? Yep, I’d definitely accept the offer. And I know that so would you.

All my love!


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