Welcoming Myself to Blogging

Hi everyone!

Elle here! So, basically reading is my life. I love to spend my time within the world of fairytales and happy endings. I love romance so much, I think I will get my heart broken easily…one day (when my prince comes). I also love to watch movies…also centering on romance. I love stories about family as well. And, a little friendship.

I am not a lover of war books, or those series with fighting scenes. I am a girly-girl! I am more of a summer read kind of person. I don’t particularly enjoy books that are in a series. I love a great stand alone.

I have read a gazillion books in my entire nineteen years of existence, though I don’t think I will write back-track reviews on them, or else it will eat up my entire summer! So, in this blog, I will only be writing about the books I have read really recently. Though, I might back-track on reviews, when I have time, or when I feel inspired to write about them.

I first entered the world of books when Stephenie Meyer brought Edward Cullen to life. I fell in love with him, just like how my classmates did. Though that was when I was still in Grade Six, I will never forget the book that got me started on reading. Well now that I am older, of course I have met a lot great guys, besides Edward…and I will share them with you via this blog.

I might also do movie reviews, when I feel like I am inspired enough to write about it. I’m practically a premed student, so I have very limited time to chill. Aside from reading, I study a lot…I don’t love studying as much as reading, but it is an obligation I have to fulfill since I was basically the one who chose this path I am now hoping I will survive in.

I promise you that all my advices to you are honest and life-useful. I hope you enjoy my reviews! I might post about personally life stories as well, if I am again, really inspired.

As you can see, I can only write when I’m inspired. Which is why, I gotta find my prince soon. #wishmeluck!

You can email me at missdoubleelle@gmail.com

All my love.


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