Movie: John Tucker Must Die


Review Rating: 1.2/5 stars

This movie! I felt like I wasted an hour plus plus of my life! it doesn’t even have a happily ever after! I mean, okay. Kate and Scott definitely became a thing at the end, but the build up chemistry was in no way built up.

This movie revolves around play boy player John Tucker. He dates multiple girls at a time. One day, during a volleyball game, three mean girls from different cliques find out that John is juggling the three of them at the same time. Kate, the neutral being in the movie who happens to be a no one, interferes with the cat fight, and of course, ends up being the somebody who would break John Tucker’s heartless heart. So, the three mean girls ask Kate to play “pretend” when it comes to having a relationship with John. And, of course, she somewhat admires him, but since she is from a loser circle, their chances of having happily ever after is scarce. And besides, Scott, John’s other brother had the hots for her. But unlike John, Scott was not a player, and definitely not a geek to. He doesn’t even know the way around a chem lab. Totes pathetic. So, John does fall for Kate…a little during their pretend. Operation heart break wasn’t 100% effective, but John realizes to change his ways. Then, the end. No HEA at all! Just a realization! UGH!!! And they call this a romcom? Tsk..

You can watch this if you have a lot of free time you want to waste. But if you want to fall head over heels in love, this isn’t the movie for you. It’s more of just comedy. And revenge…


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