Movie: Monster in Law with JLo.

8.jpgReview Rating: 4.2/5 stars

So, another fact about me is that I am a sucker of weddings. I searched marriage movies, and the title of this movie caught my attention. My mom’s mother-in-law is not like Jane Fonda in the movie all the time, but she’s evil in her own way. Back to the story…

JLo plays Charlie, this dog walker/clinic receptionist/catering service crew. She meets Kevin aka. the man of her life at the beach. Topless. But, it’s beach the, so it’s kind of normal for a guy not to have a top. They meet again at Kevin’s event party, making their encounter twice in a row in a span of a few days. And, Charlie calls it fate. And it really is… because they fall madly in love. One day, Kevin brings Charlie to his mother, who happens to be a popular TV show host back in the day. She’s basically super rich and super mean. The mother-in-law you wound’t want to have. Kevin is a mom’s boy. And, the mom only has Kevin as his only boy. So, just imagine how precious Kevin is to Viola aka. the monster in law. As the story progress, we see that Viola is like this because her mother-in-law is exactly how she is now. Though, Viola is described to be worse. Though they don’t get along at first, we still see that happily ever after at the end. Charlie and Kevin have their honeymoon in Hawaii. Kevin is a rich doctor, btw! Charlie is a totes a lucky girl.

You should watch this movie, especially when you’re stressed. I think JLo. is such a great actress. She really knows how to play her role well. And, the fact that she remembers her roots (Jenny from the Block) makes me admire her more. Jane Fonda is great too! She practically brought the whole movie to life. She is amazing. Though she is super terror, I can’t wait to know someone like her. But of course, I wouldn’t wish for a mother-in-law who is a demon. Even if she changes her ways.

All my love!


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