Review: The Matchmaker’s Playbook by Rachel Van Dyke

7.jpgReview Rating: 3.8/5 stars

I discovered this book because I effin’ searched the web for a good book to read. I tried for days to find a good book, but just couldn’t find any. Then, I finally typed “What to read after Paper Princess”, then Goodreads gave me a list of books. This title caught my eye because I’m all about matchmaking and arranged things!

Don’t get me wrong, but just because I gave this book a 3.8 does not mean its a bad book. It is a good book. It kept me happy for five hours! Yes, I read the entire book for only five hours, but I think it was mainly because it is less than three hundred pages. And, it really is full of funny conversations, so that also kept me reading and reading and reading until I finally finished it.

So, to give a brief summary, this book is about Ian and Blake. Blake is the girl, even if her name sounds like a guy’s name…(no offence to Blake Lively cuz she is totally a girl and very very beautiful)! Basically, Blake is this like tomboy-ish girl, growing without a mother and all. And, there is another reason…as to why she wears those old school Adidas slippers. I don’t want to spoil a lot of things, but I think it’s not really a big spoiler. So, aside from the fact that she grew up without a mom, she had an older brother who just passed away two years ago. This explains why she wears baggy clothes, including the size 9 Adidas slippers. It all belongs to her brother, and wearing it gives her a memory of him.

On the other hand, Ian is the mastermind behind this agency called “Wingmen Inc.”. This agency practically helps women get the men they want. Though it is an agency, it is only a service rendered by two men…specifically two best friends (Ian and his bff Lex).

A lot of girls who are boy-shy or girls who just can’t get her man just calls out to Wingmen Inc, and bam! After a week or two, there will be a new happily ever after. Ian became the mastermind of this company after his accident in football wherein he saved a fan from an approaching car. SO, due to that, his football career is now over, and he has a weak knee…though, not super weak. Ian is super rich, though his parents passed away when he was young. They left him a house though, and he stays in it with Lex. Lex is like this gorgeous genius who operates Wingmen Inc. He can do stats that reveal percentages on how compatible you are with another human being. And, Lex definitely has an attraction for Gabi, Blake’s roommate/ Ian’s other bff.

So, Blake, having her tomboy-ish fashion sense, really is a girl underneath. She contacts Wingmen, only to find out Ian is behind it. When she finds out, she gives second thoughts to actually asking help from Ian, but then gives in because of her secret crush with her childhood buddy, David… who also happens to be a basketball player. And, there we go, Ian and Blake fall in love and they live happily ever after.

I don’t think I spoiled a lot of things because this book is a major conclusion give away. The plot is not new, but it is still a fun read. It really makes you realize that if a guy really loves you…as in from the bottom of his heart…then he will notice you even if you have Hagrid hair. And, that makes me appreciate the book despite the denial of the two main characters with regards to the attraction they have for each other.

You can try this! There are a lot of funny lines. If only there were less cussing! Thank goodness it’s not all about graphic sex cuz that’s just disgusting. This book is more of a funny and just gross private-part definitions. But, I still skipped those parts…I think that for books to be interesting…there need not be gross or graphic scenes about making love. And it definitely shouldn’t be called fucking because that is just not right. Books should not really use that term. It is disturbing. Really. If this book was more clean, I’d probably give it a higher rating. But, it wasn’t super dirty…so at least there’s that. I think I actually gave it a high rating. Probably because I just read this two hours ago.

There’s a second book in the series. It will focus on Lex and Gabi. I had fun with Ian and Blake…though, I don’t think I would read the second book in the series! I’m too tired of in denial drama! I’m going to need a break! Maybe, I’ll change my mind a bit later.


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