Movie: Gone with the Wind

13                                                                                                Review Rating: 4.8/5

OMG! This movie is just!!! WOW.

Okay. So, I have watched this with my grandmother when I was in grade school. But those were the days wherein I just watched with just little comprehension. Then, just the other day, this movie just came out from my mind! And so, I watched it all by myself. And…I almost love-loved it! If only there was a happily ever after at the end, I would have given it 5 stars! Screw Clark Gable and his “I don’t give a damn”, because he should have given a damn! UGH!

This movie stars Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O’Hara and Clark Gable as Rhett Butler. UGHHHH I hate hate hate Scarlett and how she didn’t realize her love for Rhett earlier. Until it was freaking late. I hate how she was soooooooo obsessed with Ashley (he is a dude) even if it is sooooo obvious that he did not even love her! If there is one thing I love about Scarlett, it would be her freaking fashion sense. I love the dresses! Her dresses are the bomb! Especially when she wears green! Even curtains look good on her! And, OMG I AM SO SUPER in love with Rhett. He is like the ultimate bad boy with the good heart! I am soooo head over heels for him even if he has a stash! And, when he and Scarlett had Baby Bonnie? OMG I just fell in love with him more! He is such a good father! And a husband too…if Scarlett didn’t give him such a freaking hard time! I love Rhett! I love Rhett! He was soooo witty! He is the ultimate prince charming. But, I really really really didn’t like it when he gave up on love at the very last moment! He and Scarlett could have had their HEA! UGH!!!

A brief summary of this movie is…Scarlett is a girl thinks she is in love with Ashley. But, Ashley doesn’t love her the same way. Maybe as friends only, but not as a lover. But Scarlett really loves Ashley. And oh my gee, she really embarrassed herself in front of Ashley a gazillion times. It made me even hate her more. Anyways, so Scarlett meets Rhett in one of Ashley’s parties. But, they did not get along well. Rhett overheard Scarlett’s confession of love to Ashley wherein the latter dissed Scarlett. But, circumstances allow them to meet again and again. In fact, Rhett even helped Scarlett escape the war zone in Atlanta once. OMG that scene was ultimately lovely! Rhett even admitted his feelings for Scarlett.

Scarlett married twice before Rhett. She married Charles to make Ashley jealous, then she married Frank to gain money for Tara, her homeland. She married Rhett for money as well. But, Rhett married her because he knew that despite their senseless quarrels, they were perfect for each other. They had a child named Bonnie, whom Rhett love soooo much. They were supposed to have another child, but Scarlett had a miscarriage when she fell down the stairs. Later on, Bonnie dies of a pony accident, just like Scarlett’s father.

At the end, during the funeral of Melanie, Ashley’s wife, Scarlet realizes that Ashley does not really love him. Then later on, she realizes she loved Rhett. But, Rhett was already too tired to give their love a chance, so she just left Scarlett and told her that he does not give a damn about the former’s feelings.

And effin of all effins, the story ends. My heart is still broken because of the ending. But, I love the story nevertheless. And what made me really love it was Rhett and his kindness to Scarlett despite the wickedness of the girl.

In this story, we see the importance of money. Money revolved Scarlett’s world, which is why she is a disaster. Money and fame was all Scarlett cared about (plus her waist size). After the war, she swore to herself that she was not to ever starve again. Love is also a thing learned in this movie. Love of Rhett for Scarlett and Bonnie. Rhett is the epitome of a perfect husband. He said lovely things to Scarlett and gave her everything. He accepted his wickedness and gave into marriage even if he is not a “marrying man”. Though he raped Scarlett at one point, I cannot blame him He was really really jealous of Ashley. I can go on and on about this movie…so I’ll just stop with reiterating my love for Rhett (despite his stash).

Try watching this four hour movie! Rhett gave me butterflies! And, I hate Ashley. He should have just told Scarlett from the very beginning to stay away. But NOOOOO, he had to tell her to watch over Melanie. Screw him. He is such a selfish bastard. Even at the very end, ugh! I prefer Rhett’s stash that Ashley’s stupid brown hair and stupid brown pants! UGH!


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