Review: Bound by Hatred by Cora Reilly


Review Rating: 4.3/5 stars

Hi. So, I loved the story of Aria and Luca in Bound by Honor. But, I wasn’t in love with the two main characters in that story. On the other hand, I loved Matteo in Bound by Hatred. But, I didn’t like Gianna…not really.

I don’t get why authors make the leading guy likable all the time, while they leave the leading female character not so likable…

So, this is the third book in the Bound by Honor series. I won’t be reading the second and fourth book in the series. In fact, I don’t think I would be reading all the other books from the series because I didn’t like the summary and the background of the characters. I might consider reading another book from this series if I like the soon-to-be partner of Fabi (the brother of Aria and Gianna). Books I read usually include rich and royal leading male characters who are my age. So, the second book doesn’t really entice me as much. And the fourth just seems to be too nagging, so no thanks.

Moving on, this book is about Matteo, Luca’s baby brother. And Gianna, Aria’s younger sister. Even at Bound by Honor, we see that there is already attraction and tension with these two characters. And Matteo is so hilarious, I just had to give him a chance. I love Matteo, and I love him more than Luca. But, let’s get this straight, I never really loved Luca. He was just too uptight. But, Matteo was just this fun person. And, he already loves Gianna even from the start. But, Gianna can’t afford to love him because all she wanted was freedom from the mob mafia her family was in. It was their business, and she wanted to escape.

Matteo was a hunter, when he is teased. And Gianna, always pointing it out to him that he can never have her, made Matteo want her more. Matteo asked her hand for marriage, behind her back. So they had an arranged marriage, just like Aria. But before that could happen, Gianna escapes with the help of Aria and travels from one place to another, while she is being chased by Matteo.

When Matteo finally sees her in Munich holding a guy’s private part (though it was Sid–the guys, who really placed Gianna’s hand there), he goes heartbroken (thought I don’t think he thinks he was, since he also couldn’t admit it to himself full time that there was more than attraction between them). Everyone expected Matteo to treat Gianna like trash and all, but he didn’t. He didn’t even rape her, and still intended to marry her after all that disgrace and running away. In the end, after their marriage, Gianna still questioned herself if she really wanted to have ran away in the first place. Or she asked herself if only doing it felt like the right thing to do since that was what she kept thinking about before.

All throughout, Matteo shows her love. BTW, despite running, Gianna was still a virgin. She isn’t a whore, but they didn’t have the presentation of sheets because even their family thought otherwise. After all the love Matteo shows her, she chooses not to run way even if an incident gives her the opportunity to. They have an accident with the Russians at the end of the story, but Gianna decides to stay with Matteo and save his life.

I didn’t give this a higher rating than Bound by Honor because I really didn’t like the end of the story, I guess. It was just too fast and not that romantic. I love Matteo, but I hate Gianna. She was really selfish, and her stubborn-ness was not that funny anymore. It was a great read since Matteo really showed his love for Gianna. But, I feel like there’s something lacking. I hope Gianna gave him more.

I also hope that the graphic scenes stayed away while having dinner. Totes improper and disgusting. But overall, it gave me the butterfly feels I also had with the first book. If there’s another thing, this book made me realize that I didn’t love all the characters except for Matteo.


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