Review: Bound by Honor by Cora Reilly


Review Rating: 4.6/5 stars

Okay, so this is the book you would want to read if you’re like me. I love stories with marriage in it. And, especially the arranged marriage one, wherein the couple falls for each other.

I’ll spoil the story, as always. Just saying.

So, this is the story with a mob business in it, but it doesn’t really show. Evidence of mob existence would probably be the nights wherein Luca, the leading male character, comes home with a blood soaked shirt.

This tells the story of Aria and Luca. They are both from a different “clan”, and Aria’s dad marries her off to Luca. Practically, we can say that Aria was sold for the truce of both clans which were once rivals. The story focuses on the romance aspect, which I loved. Luca is this big bad guy he is depicted, but he has a soft spot for Aria. On their wedding night, though he wanted to “take” Aria, he just couldn’t because he knew that Aria wasn’t ready (she was practically crying). Aria was very afraid of Luca cuz not only is Luca the next head of his clan, but he also happened to kill as early as thirteen (if I remember correctly).

Luca’s family has this tradition of the presentation of sheets after a wedding night. Girls like Aria had to be a virgin, since she (and her other sisters) are like locked up in their home. It’s like old tradition (you’ll get it when you read it). Point is, since Luca cant deflower Aria at their wedding night, he cuts himself and mixes his blood with a little water, then stains in on the sheets. Yes, this shows that despite the big bad killer Luca was, he had the heart of honey. And from there, we slowly see how Aria ends up falling for him, and Luca the same. Luca realizes that Aria’s love is real when the latter takes a bullet for the former.

This story is really like a fairytale come true. The only part I didn’t like was how Aria acted sometimes. She acted as if she was this demure lady and all, then little do we know that she likes being “taken” a lot. If you read my reviews, you would probably know I hate graphic sex scenes, and this is what I did not like about the book. I know that it’s normal in a romance book, but as a reader, I don’t think (honestly), that these scenes should be focused upon. There are a lot more scenes to show intimacy and love, you know. This book dwells on sisterhood a lot too! My next review is Bound by Hatred. It focuses on the love life of Matteo and Gianna.


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