Review: His Hired Girlfriend by Alexia Praks


Review Rating: 1/5 stars

OMG, I don’t even know how I finished this nonsense of a book! I don’t intend to be mean, but it’s just so unrealistic.

It’s about this leading character whose name I forgot, wait it’s Alex. Yes, Alex. She becomes the hired girlfriend of this rich billionare business person named Jayden. Basically, they fall in love, and the girl can’t believe it cuz she’s just from this ordinary world and believes that she is out of his league.

Anyway, they both end up together. WHAT NOT A SURPRISE. What I hate is how they loved each other instantly. It was a freaking instalove. I hate it. It wasn’t even cute. It was annoying and so unrealistic. It’s a Wattpad story, so I guess that’s a factor. Don’t get me wrong, not all Wattpad stories are ugly…I mean Collen Hoover’s TOO LATE was definitely not ugly. But come one, who are we kidding? How did this author even become an author in the first place? Totes not being rude, but just being honest.

Honestly, most stories from Wattpad have the same themes. Lucky are those who actually become an author out of it. PEACE.

I gave this book a 1 for effort, and for some of the author’s deep words.


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