Review: Roomhate by Penelope Ward


Review Rating: 2.8/5

Hi Everyone! So, I have been doing A LOT of romance reading all week. In fact, I finish one novel per day. However, due to slow internet during the night (usually when I finish reading), I am not able to post my review immediately. But, I finished this book today…quite early. This is my most recent read, and the few posts that will follow will be of books that I have read prior to this one.

BTW, I like spoiling a lot. So…expect that I’ll be spoiling the entire story.

So, I enjoyed this book (because of Justin- a character). But, I didn’t really love it. It basically tells the story of Amelia Payne and Justin Banks. They are two childhood best friends. However, their friendship broke when Amelia discovered that Justin has been keeping a secret from her. Spoiler: Amelia’s mom is having a affair with Justin’s dad. And, during the nights Justin and Amelia go movie night at the little red theatre, their parents basically “do it”. Amelia finds out one day when she left her bus card back in Justin’s house. Then, they fall apart from there. They meet nine years after because Amelia’s Nana dies. Her Nana was like a mother to Justin, and Justin was like a grandson to her, so Amelia’s Nana leaves half her beach house to Justin.

When they reunite, of course the love they have for each other is still there. It is important to note that throughout their childhood, both kids already loved each other. But, Amelia was too naive to notice, and Justin was too scared to admit it. However, Justin goes to the beach house with her Broadway girlfriend, Jade. Justin by far is already a musician/singer, but nothing that popular yet. On the other hand, Amelia is a teacher. So, when they meet each other that one summer day, there is that tension between them.

Later, we find out that Amelia is carrying a child from her ex named Adam. The plot is really fast and it goes a long way from here…basically, Justin treats Bea (the child) like his own despite the fact that he doesn’t want kids (cuz he’s too afraid that he is like his parents). In the end, Justin realizes that he loves being a family person and chooses family over music.

I gave this book a 2.8 out of five stars because it royally annoyed me at some extent. Yes, I finished it in one day, but I think what drove me to keep reading was the fact that I wanted it to end already. There was just sooo much happening in this book. In fact, I got too tired writing the summary up there. First of all, I really hate Amelia. I hate her so much. I can’t believe she left Justin just because she found out her mom was having an affair with Justin’s dad. Second, OMG she doesn’t even know how to be a mother 24/7. The fact that she can’t even balance herself and the child? How can she nurture the child with milk if she can’t even make herself healthy? And, how can she live without a job? I mean, she always reiterated that she was having challenges with money and all, but she never even got herself a job all the while after having the baby! I feel like she relied on Justin a lot. She would not even be able to get her baby things like the crib and bouncer if not for the gift check Justin sent her. I mean, yes, she has her earnings, but HELLOOO…like that would last a lifetime! And, does she even think about Bea’s future once her money runs out? Of course that never happens cuz Justin is there to support them.

I think the only thing that kept me reading this book was Justin. And how much he cared for Amelia and Bea. Justin really really loves Amelia, while Amelia was just this jealous and insecure person! I mean, even as a child, all Justin did was protect and love Amelia. With the menstruation situation, or the pop corn scene. OMG, I don’t even known what Justin saw in Amelia. I hated the graphic scenes too…it was just not so…anyway…

This book is totally nonsense! If not for Justin, I don’t know what I would have given this book. Everyone in this book was almost terrible. Even the Nana was not given scenes of her own…even in terms of a flashback. Basically, there were only two characters talking since we can’t count the baby.


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