Dusty Series by Mary and Sarah Elizabeth

Review Rating: 1/5 stars

This series is probably the most dragging series I have ever read. It took me about three days to finish each book. In fact, I even skipped some parts because the boredom was already choking me. The story in itself is beautiful. It is very beautiful, actually…but the way it was written was just all horrible. What do I mean?

This story is a story of two young lovers. I get it– first love never dies, love at first sight–it’s all beautiful. But, this book made those things disgusting. This series tells the story of Thomas (also called Dusty) and Bliss. What I dislike about the book is that they act like adults. They meet each other when Bliss was nine, and Thomas was somewhat eleven? Anyway, these two are only two years apart. Bliss is the best friend of Becka, who also happens to be Thomas’ little sister (same age with Bliss). Bliss spends almost all her time in Becka’s house. Becka has cool and lenient parents, while Bliss has strict and old school ones. The more Bliss spends time around Becka, the more she falls in love with Thomas.

The thing is, Thomas is a drug addict. At first, he wasn’t, but as he continuous using drugs, he becomes one. The weird thing is, even if he uses drugs, and is an alcoholic, his parents don’t even seem to notice. Or maybe, they are just too lenient. Thomas is always always high. I don’t even know how Bliss can fall for a man like Thomas.

Don’t get me wrong, their love is sooo beautiful. They say beautiful things with each other. And in Thomas’ POV, though he jokes around with other girls, we see how much he really loves Bliss, and would want to run away with her one day. But, it’s just all too fast. The way Dusty and Bliss think and talk, especially about love and sex? It’s just so unreal. They talk like the way romance in New Adult books are portrayed. When I was their age, I didn’t even think like they did. At the age of fifteen, can you imagine Thomas getting blows and really wanting to touch a breast of a thirteen year old? At thirteen, you probably don’t even have woman boobs yet, because you’re just growing. I just think it is all wrong…if only they didn’t seem to want to be so mature at a young age.

And the ending? You don’t even know if they end up together forever. The authors leave you hanging with a phone call. I think I really wasted my time reading this book. And, how can these two people manage keeping their love a secret from everyone else? Even Bliss was such a bitch keeping this from Becka considering they have been the best of friends since they were nine. I just think that the love was so focused here that the author forgot that these people are just so young. How can a kid as young as eleven years old be smoking pot, taking in ecstasy? It’s just so unreal. I get what the authors want to give the readers: That love is accepting another even if that person is destroyed. But, I don’t think the age of the two main character justify their thoughts and feelings. At first, their love was cute, but at the end, I don’t know if it is even real. Thomas was always high, and he does not even know half the things he is doing. He also has a bad group of friends. I don’t even know why his parents allow him to hang out with such people. Even Bliss, her parents are portrayed as strict, but how can they let their child spend almost every weekend and summer at another person’s house?

My advice is, don’t get yourself into an unreasonable story. But if you have loads of free time, then by all means, waste it on this one.


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