Review: On Dublin Street by Samantha Young  Complete

Review Rating 5/5 stars

OMG THIS BOOK was AMAZING! The last time I really loved loved a book was after I read Paper Princes earlier this summer. AND THAT WAS FOR ME, ages ago!

This book was really really really beautiful. I fell in with the characters! Samantha Young really knows how to write and develop her characters! In other books, the focus would only be main character/s, but here… you see the life of all the characters, and you get to read what they are feeling!

This story is about Jocelyn and Braden. Jocelyn is originally from the US, but she moves to Scotland after her family’s car accident and her best friend’s death (something she blames herself for). She moves to a new place to leave and lock her past behind her. Which is why, when she loves in to a new apartment with Elli Carmichael, who is this open and light person, she feels all new. About family, friendship, and being more open to people.

Ellie is this great character, who is easily easy to fall in love with. She has a brother named Braden, who is the other main character in the book. Braden is just like Ellie–open, caring, loving and someone Jocelyn doesn’t want due to her past. But, attraction overpowers Jocelyn’s weakness, and she opens her heart to welcome love once again. It took a lot of time and effort in Braden’s part, really–which really made me love him more. Braden was like this perfect and patient guy. And, he is very very rich too. He also has his own past, though wherein he almost kills a guy out of caring for another person (who was just a friend).

You should definitely read this book! I didn’t enjoy On Jamaica Lane and Hero by the same author, though! But this, I really really loved.


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