Super Spoiler Review: The Player by Kresley Cole


Review Rating: 5FREAKING/5 STARS!!!


Forget all those other books I love, this book is the one I love BEST. SERIOUSLY. When I checked my FB this morning, I saw a giveaway of one of Kresley Cole’s books side by side with Paper Princess. And, since I am always looking for a good read, I searched Kresley Cole and what she had to offer. And, when I read the summary for the Player and watched a non-spoiler review, I knew I would fall in love with this shy, quiet and problematic main character. AND I SOOOOOOOOO DID.

This tells the story of Victoria “Vice” Valentine and Dmitri Sevastyan. Vice is a con artist. She lives a living by fooling people to fake things just to take their money. Or, she has this sister who always “almost makes out” with guys who are “married” and blackmail them after. On the other hand, we have Dmitri who has this terrible past. This is actually a secret he holds.

(So this is a spoiler) Dmitri has an evil father who hurts his wife and children, including the male lead. Dmitri has two brothers, wherein the eldest ends up killing their father accidentally leading the latter to run away. The brother’s mother also passes away due to the fact that her husband pushed her down the stairs years back. Anyway, having no parents and with Dmitri’s older brother to run away, he is left with his other brother. Dmitri felt abandoned. When a guardian comes in the story, he treats the two remaining brothers improperly (physically and sexually). The two brothers end up killing the said guardian. Due to a disturbing past, Dmitri tries to commit suicide only to be saved by his close brother.

Moving on, Dmitri goes to Las Vegas to go to a facility. However, one night in a bar, he suddenly sees Vice laughing. He is then inspired to make his life better for Vice. All the while, Vice does not know this. Dmitri investigates on Vice and learns that she is a con artist. He makes his own con, and stalks Vice. It must be noted that Dmitri is this smart nerdy techy person, so he is able to come up with a device for stalking. Anyway, so Dmitri becomes a con artist for Vice only.

One night, they finally meet. Those days, Vice needed money to pay a debt due to miserable con artistry that holds her dad’s life at stake. Her whole family thinks that Dmitri and his billions will save them. Vice’s sister tries to seduce Dmitri, however she does not succeed. We all know that all Dmitri wants is Vice. On the said night, Vice goes to Dmitri and thinks that she has won him over, when in truth the latter is playing a game on her. Anyways, Vice fights over her thoughts of her love for Dmitri–if it is true or if it just because of his money. But really, we see its not because of the money. Because when they got married, she doesn’t even like to spend all his money considering the big income they make annually.

So, I just really loved this book! Especially when Dmitri said that he could take Vice to Italy since she liked Italian. Or how he would give her the world. Or how she was the lit candle in a very dark and empty room. It was just all so beautiful. His words were even more beautiful than the words Edward used for Bella. And, when he told her “I love you” in front of all his family members? OMG I JUST WOW. WOWOWOWOW.

This is definitely my new favorite book. I only read it half a day. It was sooo very good.

All my love!


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