Review: Sparrow by L.J. Shen


Review Rating: 5/5 fantastic stars!

I do not usually give a 5/5 star rating in one snap. I have high expectations when I read a story. I not only look at the lives of the main characters, but the side characters as well. And I love a story that focuses not only on romance but family as well. And this book, reached all my expectations.

L.J Shen is one of the nicest authors I have ever met in my entire nineteen years of existence. And, when I asked her if I can be given a chance to have a copy of Sparrow to be able to review it, she gave me one.

I am also usually picky about my the books I read. And, when my friend from the Broken Prince forum recommended me this book, telling me a short non-spoiler summary, my heart was longing to read it. And I did, and I more than loved it!

It has arranged marriage in it. And thank goodness that it does not have insta-love. Then, there is also reality. And mobsters. I don’t know why, but I have been reading a lot of books about mobsters, gangs, and those bad guys lately. But, hate-love relationships make the best kind of romance.

A quick summary of the book–we have our main characters Sparrow and Troy! Sparrow is the female character, and yes she is named after a bird! Though, Troy calls her Red, cuz she is a red haired character! So anyway, Troy’s dad is part of a mobster kind of gang that does deeds that other super powerful people need (like kill that person cuz he is getting on my nerves). When Troy’s father died, he promised to fulfil his wish for Troy to marry Sparrow, the quiet tomboyish girl. Sparrow’s dad works for Troy’s dad as a bouncer in the latter’s club, and sometimes for doing dirty work as well. Sparrow isn’t rich, but Troy is cuz of all the dirty money his dad makes. Sparrow’s dad is an alcoholic, while her mom ran off with someone you will get to know once you read the book! The arranged marriage has more meaning to it than you think.

During their marriage, Troy hides a lot of secrets from Sparrow. One of which is that Sparrow never had suitors because Troy secretly blackmailed them away. There are two more secrets, but maybe I won’t tell you what it is for now! Though their marriage was feisty at first, it turns into something more. Troy, the stone called man turns soft for Sparrow, and he doesn’t even know it until half the book.

I don’t know about you, but I think this book is crazy. L.J Shen doesn’t just write…she writes to make you want to break your eyes just so you can finish the book and find out what her secrets are. The book was sooo addicting, I am happy I got this book, and I am happy it was also recommended to me.

The relationship of these two wasn’t insta. They really gave each other honesty, loyalty (despite the earlier cheating), and space (when they needed it). One thing that I found funny was Daisy, Sparrow’s bff #2. I wish she had more selflessness in her. Thank goodness for Lucy!

All in all, you have to dive right into the writing of L.J Shen! She has a new book coming out this July. And I’m sure that it will be worth all the fantastic perfect stars!


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