Review: Idol by Kristen Callihan


Review Rating: 2/5 stars

Idol has a great story. Great characters. And romance. But, it didn’t really hook me to loving it. Yes, I read it in one day, but I read it in one day because it wasn’t a difficult read since it was full of convos rather than narration. Thank goodness!

I read a sneak peak of the next book in the series, The Manager, and I laughed a lot in just the first chapter. I think I will like that book more than this. But don’t get me wrong, this wasn’t a bad read. It was just normal.

It tells the story of Liberty Bell and Killian James, I think. Libby is this normal girl. She lives in North Carolina, I think. And, it’s really a quiet place. Her parents are musicians, but not the super popular ones since the latter didn’t want to be in the spot light. One day, Libby finds Killian sprawled out in her lawn. He stinks of bear and has crashed his motorcycle as well. Libby sprays Killian with the water from the hose, and the latter wakes up. The two don’t have instalove ASAP, but you know that there is attraction. And that speaks louder than instalove, I guess. Killian is a super popular guitarist in his boy band. And since Libby isolates herself from the world after her parent’s death, she doesn’t know what Killian looks like. But he knows his music.

There we go…they have their arguments, but they click and give in to lust. Killian brings Libby with him on his tour, and Libby is now a popular singer. And the story goes on with complication due to the media. The plot is predictable, but it wasn’t entirely boring.

It wasn’t the best read, but it was light. I read The Hookup by Kristen Callihan a while back, but I don’t think I finished it. I finished this book though, so I guess this is better than The Hookup. I wish romance books had more to it than sexual scenes though.


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