Review: The Bird and The Sword by Amy Harmon


Review Rating: 100fairytale/5 stars

This book made me realize a lot of things.

First, there is something good with not letting yourself seek spoilers. Surprising yourself gives you a message with a hell lot of different impact.

Second, I think that the genre I love the most isn’t just about happily ever afters. I think that I love the thought of romance and fairytales, but I love it when a fairytale not only tells a good romance, but also a lesson.

Third, I have to stop judging books by their covers. And their colors, and everything exterior about them.

And lastly, I need to redefine how my prince might come. Princes don’t always appear with a sight of cape, money or a white horse. Fairytales can also fly. I wish my prince would!

I do not know where I have been living for me not to read any Amy Harmon book any sooner. Maybe under a rock! Hopefully, I was living under a nest (So that Tiras would come sooner)  This book. This book is the best book I have read in my entire life. Sorry, but screw Edward Cullen, and all those alpha males out there. You are all nothing compared to Tiras, my bird. This book wasn’t steamy (and thank goodness for that! I didn’t need to skip sexual scenes!), wasn’t filled with the word “shit” (the word didn’t even appear in the book!), and wasn’t boring in any way (I promise!). The book should receive all the book awards there is in the world. In fact, I’m sure that directors of movies have not discovered this novel yet or else it would have been a movie sooner. Because, one day, I know it will become a huge picture everyone will want to see. Bye bye, The Notebook (no offence)!

This book was clean and perfect from beginning to end. It is a fantasy romance story. And I don’t like reading fantasy at all. But I think, this book changed my views. From the first page, I was addicted, compelled, and voicelessly commanded to keep reading. I started this story yesterday afternoon, 4pm. I read it til’ the next day, 6am. Non stop (no worries, I ate dinner while reading). But, I slept because my eyes were getting blurry. Then, I read again from 2pm to 6pm the same day.

I usually like to spoil books in my reviews. But, I have changed. I will not spoil this book (and hopefully, any other book that I end up reviewing). There is just a different impact with all the mystery you can uncover with every page turned.

This story is about Lark and Tiras. Magic exist in this world. With Tellers, Spinners, Changers and Healers. And once upon a time, they were not considered harmful, but things have changed. The power to have magic can really alter a person’s humility, soul, honesty and self. And magic destroyed things that are important in the lives of people in this book, but it was also magic that made it whole again.

The only thing I will say is that you have to read this book. As in now. It has romance in it! Better than any other steamy book you have read! I promise! It sends out the best butterflies your stomach can have! It has a fairytale ending too! With lots of horses, a troll, magic, and love. After you read this, you will never be the same again. After you read this, you will surely love words, literature, and reading more.

I signed myself up to become a doctor because I thought and felt like I was called to do just that. That it was the only way to fix things one day in my life. And so, this is the path I will take a finish with flying colors. But words call a person in different ways. And maybe if words were so easy to make, and if words easily give in return, I would have chosen words instead. Amy Harmon is a magician with magic words. Amy is the perfect author. She write her main character well. And she loves her sidekick characters just the same. You are my new hero, Amy. Well, you and Tiras.


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