Movie Review: Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

Review Rating: 5/5 stars

Well, I don’t know why some people kept on bashing this book/movie because of self suicide. Seriously? Will Traynor is 31 freaking years old, and I think that he has the right to make his life decisions. Sure, his life is God given, but living it good, wild and free—he already lived it well. And when a person wants to rest and not suffer anymore…then okay.

I think this book tells us more things aside from self suicide…assisted suicide and all that crap. First, it tells us to live life to the fullest everyday because we do not know when our hearts will just stop beating. Second, I think this story tells us to make strong decisions not only for ourselves, but for the people around us…especially those people we wholeheartedly love. Third, I believe it tells us to stay strong to ourselves, and to those people we should let ourselves trust. Lastly, I story really helps us realize that life cannot be life if you don’t move at all.

Being disabled is not an unfortunate event…it isn’t a curse…it isn’t suicide with just by breathing. But being disabled isn’t something fortunate either…it isn’t a blessing…and it certainly isn’t an easy life to live. I think that Will did the right thing for himself. I mean, I don’t want my own mother doing those things for me even if she’s just standing there and paying a Nathan. No. I think that the whole society has to freaking accept that not everyone gets to be a lucky disabled person. Not everyone is rich to buy all those fancy disabled things. And even if you are…what worth does it bring if you don’t see any worth and any use of yourself?

What Will did wasn’t an easy decision. Especially after he met Lou. And, honestly, I wanted them to have their happily ever after. I wanted Will to give their love a chance. But if I were Lou…will I want to be living like this forever? Yes, love never dies. But, love tires. And, don’t even try to tell me it doesn’t because it does. How can Will love another person, love his future kids, if he can’t even love himself for not being a man for Lou?

I think Will killing himself isn’t a way for the author to tell the world that life as a disabled or even an abnormal person is impossible to live…I think what Jojo Moyes is trying to say here is that…First, death is inevitable. We will all die. And at the end of the day, what does it matter when it happens? Will already lived his life, and him living still is just making the people around him live life harder. Will isn’t a burden, but the burden he brings for himself makes everyone feel the same. Second, what Will did makes us realize that we shouldn’t be afraid of letting go. We shouldn’t be afraid to be with God. We see that life on Earth doesn’t give us the peace we can have with God in Heaven. Third, this story makes us see that even after death, life goes on around us. So we should live a good life, so that we can leave good people, things, memories behind us. Lastly, what I think I really got from the movie is that life doesn’t always end happy. Sometimes, it ends miserably. But there will no be miserable, if we hadn’t experienced happiness. And Will had his happiness. And he had more of that with Lou. And maybe, this is enough to let him have his peace with God in Heaven.

I fell in love with Will and Lou in this movie. Even if I hated Lou’s eyebrows…I felt the difficulty in Will’s life. I just wish I could have seen more of the good parts in his life…not just most of the sad ones. This movie isn’t a heartbreak…this movie made me realize how good it is to have your heart whole.


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