Review: Archer’s Voice by Mia Sheridan


Review Rating: 3/5 stars

I get it. This is that story about a girl who falls in love with a boy with a background. Bree falls in love with Archer, who is mute. Archer wasn’t originally mute until he was shot when he was seven. His mother married the wrong man, and running away from her husband with her true love, things went downhill, leaving Archer to suffer their consequences. I really liked how the story went, and all the conversations. I have no issue with that. But, what I didn’t fall in love with was the build-up of the plot. I think the narration needed more life, love…passion? It’s just like two characters “talking”/“signing” and falling in love. But, their love was selfless and accepting…and that’s something you don’t see everyday.

At one point, I actually thought Archer died in that gun shot. With how the author narrated it. Good thing he was only in a coma, or else reading this book will all be for nothing. I didn’t really know the intentions of some of the characters. Some characters were forgotten. Travis and Victoria wasn’t given much importance. Is Travis in love with Bree, or does he only want her sexually? And Victoria, how did she end up with Connor anyway if the latter loved someone else? And the crush of Archer…whose name was only mentioned twice? What happened to her? Suddenly she’s in a prostitute bar? And the murderer, does he even die at the end? Or sent to jail? And was the third child of the couple a chick or a dude? What happened to all the puppies?

I have more questions in mind. I actually really do not like it when the author does not give importance to minor characters…yes, we only get to see the two main characters. And sometimes, it’s too tiring just to read about them.

But overall, the story had a great lesson, nevertheless. A lesson that tells us that even the weakest person in the world can have a voice if he wanted to be heard.


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