Review: Blood to Dust by L.J. Shen


Review Rating: 5/5 stars

Wow. Wowww. Whoa. This book just blew my mind. So many things happened! And the two main characters? They were so naughty and…I just couldn’t put my Kindle down!

I fell in love with L.J’s Sparrow as soon as I started reading it. And this one? It made me fall in love all over again. The writing was amazing. And the character development was the bomb.

Blood to Dust tells the story of Prescott (yep, it’s the female protagonist’s name) and Nate aka. Pea and Beat respectively! Nate in his young life has encountered heavy challenges that ends him up in prison. And one day, he has no choice but to find ally with evil evil Godfrey. Deep deep down, this is not something he wanted, but he needed to do things for survival. And then we have Prescott…the rich girl who gets kidnapped. Prescott has also been through a lot—basically everything caused by choosing the wrong person to love. Camden. Nate and Prescott cross ways because they end up being in Godfrey’s little chaotic life. And Nate, being the guard for the captive Prescott…let’s just say things get steamy, interesting, and a whole lot of challenging from there. Nate and Prescott get to know each other—things about their personal lives. And as time goes by, they realize that they are in the same team fighting the same enemy after all. The events that brought them down brings them together, and love and trust unites them as one.

I don’t really want to spoil anything since this book gives you that suspense feeling, making you as yourself…”what happens next?” All I can say is that this book makes you realize a lot of things. One realization being: it makes you realize that the ugly things you have been through doesn’t make your life have an ugly ending. Endings? They are yours to make whether the beginning started out ugly or beautiful.

L.J’s writing is very addicting. Really. It’s beautifully written. And the climax of the story really makes you not want to go to bed even if its already way way way past your bedtime. I think everyone should just dive into this story without reading any spoilers, blurbs, or anything. Because that’s how I read this book. And the ending I got from L.J made it all worth while. I fell in love with Prescott and Nate (but mostly Nate)…haha! And I am sure, you will too. Thank you for making a whole new world for me in Blood to Dust L.J! You make me love reading so much more 🙂


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