Review: The Stage Dive Series by Kylie Scott

Review Rating: Lick (5/5 stars), Play (4/5 stars), Deep (2/5 stars)

Wow. This series is the perfect read in my state of bum-ness. Kylie Scott can sure write. She writes in a way that I can’t stop reading at all. Her words are that addicting. I heard about her books through a Youtube New Adult video recommendation. And thank goodness for that!

Lick tells the story of David and Evelyn. How a Las Vegas wedding rooted from true love ends in confusion, then true love gain. Play is about Malcolm and Anne. How a fake relationship due to Mal’s sick mother ends in happiness, strength and again…true love! Deep on the other hand, is tells the life of Ben and Elizabeth. How the unexpected pregnancy makes two people realize that they can handle great things they never thought they could handle.

The series comes with four books, but I didn’t read the third one because the plot didn’t really get my attention that much. The stage Dive series focuses on the band members, and each other their stories. Of all them, my favorite has to be the first one—Lick. But the second one, Play, is the most hilarious one. The fourth one, Deep…it’s not so good. I found it a bit boring. And I found Elizabeth, the main character, somewhat annoying. A lot. But the first and second book were great. I don’t know about the third book though. But you guys can give it a try.

Overall, just dive into the series! It’s really really fun. Mal has to be my favorite among all of them. He’s just great and super funny. Anne is soo lucky to have him!


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