Review: Ramsay by Mia Sheridan


Review Rating: 0.5/5 stars

Never again. I will never read another Mia Sheridan book. All her books are sooo not addicting. I feel like I’ve wasted another day reading nothing.

I picked up Ramsay because the summary was very enticing. I liked the plot and all, but reading it? No, thank you. Seriously, I skipped everything except the dialogue just to reach the ending ASAP.

I now understand why I hate graphic sex scenes. First of all, they shouldn’t exist if love isn’t in the air. In some books, I manage to tolerate graphic parts, but in this one?

I mean, was Brogan Ramsay even really mad at Lydia? He hardly did any revenge at all. After seven years, he was still in love with her. But I get it, it’s the plot. But what about his plans of revenge? Making Lydia a waiter for less than a day? That wasn’t even enough. There is simply no excitement in this book. I thought that their first encounter would be difficult, butterflies, and all but it sucked. It sucked big time. I hate this. I hate that I want to love the story, but couldn’t.

Maybe if Amy Harmon had this plot, the book would be so much better. OMG, even Stephenie Meyer could have done a better job. At least Edward really left Bella when he needed to. UGH!


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