Review: Pucked by Helena Hunting


Review Rating: 4/5 stars

This novel is one of the most compelling reads I have ever read. It has the common jock hockey playing playboy plot, but the conversation of the two main characters are very addicting. The story of Violet and Alex is really very funny and interesting.

Violet is a girl who is used to the hockey world, his stepdad and stepbrother being in the game. Alex, on the other hand, is a hockey player. Violet has this mental image of hockey players being nothing but playboys who does nothing but “play” all day. And her encounter with Alex is something different for her. Though he plays in the ice, she seems to be not like the other hockey players. Despite the playboy the media depicts he is, parts of him is gentle and sweet. And she ends up falling for him, But Alex is not as brave as her. And when endorsements are better of for Alex when he is depicted as “single”, a public mistake of denying his relationship with Violet destroys the love they have..for a while. As it is, this story ends in a happy ending.

Four stars! I skipped a lot of pages (something I never really do) because I knew how it was going to go, but I still got the gist of everything. And it was fun. I just couldn’t wait to read their happy ending. And for sure, so will you!


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