Spoiler-free Review: Salvatore by Natasha Knight


Review Rating: 5/5 stars

This book…this love story…is heart wrenching, heart warming, guts twisting, mind blowing and all claps amazing! It’s the perfect read for all romance readers out there. It focuses not only on love, but also family, sisterhood, trust and forgiveness. This book didn’t let me sleep at all. And even if they say that watching the sunrise is the most beautiful thing in the world (sometimes), how the world of Salvatore and Lucia captivated me in ways that I would prefer to just continue reading and reading and reading page after page after page.

I first heard about Salvatore thanks to my Facebook timeline. The cover itself intrigued me to know more about the book itself. And when I read the synopsis? Wow. That was the plot I have always wanted in a book. Thank you, Natasha Knight for your words of love! You made one of my dreams come true!

Anyway, as the synopsis says, this stand alone novel is about Salvatore Benedetti and Lucia DeMarco. These two families are rivals (like Romeo and Juliet, I guess). And after the Benedetti’s won a war, the boss of the DeMarco clan, who was Lucia’s father, had no choice but to sacrifice his daughter for the peace of both clans. Of course, this was very difficult for Lucia…I think she was only about sixteen when she signed a contract saying that she was under the ownership of Salvatore Benedetti, the son of the Benedetti boss. At the age of twenty-one, Lucia will now be officially Salvatore’s. As in, she will be living with Salvatore as his property, doing anything he tells her to do. Lucia is basically afraid for herself in the hands of the Benedetti’s, but as each day pass with the time she has been spending with Salvatore, she realizes that there is goodness in this “monster” more than the evil she thought he was made of. It’s a really really beautiful story.

In the middle of the book, we really get to see how difficult it is for Lucia to be a “property”. I mean, Salvatore was nice to her, but there were times wherein she was really humiliated to the extent that all she did was cry. I really felt her pain. I mean, I can’t imagine my father selling me out like that, even if it were for peace. And then, we also see how Salvatore only wants to please his father. And we also see him wanting to be good at heart. It was really really heart touching.

There were graphic sex scenes, and I really didn’t concentrate on it because…haha…I’m not fond of those scenes, but I appreciate the author because she placed those scenes in the right places. There are a lot of Romance books which do a lot of graphic scenes, but all the while, you don’t actually feel as if there is tension, love or temptation. But here, Natasha really built up Lucia and Salvatore in such a way that their temptation towards each other made me really feel their passion for that sacred act of love. haha..anyway! I really enjoy these kinds of stories because they give me butterflies and a whole lot of realizations (but, minus the sex scenes)…hehe. 😉

There were a lot of twists and turns and unexpected revelations. But, since the book isn’t released yet, I don’t want to spoil the surprise for anyone. But, what I can say is, there are two POV’s in this story—Lucia and Salvatore’s. And there are also two very very heart touching epilogues (yes, there’s two!). One from Salvatore, the other from Lucia (though I don’t think I spoiled anything by saying this since it is in the Table of Contents before the book starts!).

All in all, I think that you should really really pick up Salvatore. He has a really really good heart in him, and I bet you will fall for him instantly. This book is “unputdownable” and addicting. The conversation and change in POV just kept me going and going. I didn’t even want it to end! I can’t wait for the next book in the series! Thank you for giving me a chance to have an ARC, Natasha! You rock!



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