Insights: Taylor Swift vs. Kardashian-West

Well, one thing is for sure, we really get to see the color of Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian. They are both so full of themselves, spear headed with fame and popularity, that they don’t see that their feud against each other is nothing but a waste of time. And the haters? Well, they’re all wasting their time hating something that should be laughed at.

First of all, I’m not throwing shade at anybody. And second, this is only a post telling people my insight regarding this trending matter. I’m a huge Taylor Swift fan. And, I honestly don’t know anything about Kim Kardashian…I’m not a fan of hers, or am I a fan of Kanye West.

As for Taylor, I love her clothes, I like her music, and I think she’s beautiful. But being part of the public eye, being a girl, and following her ever since I heard “Love Story”, I know that underneath all that innocence, Taylor Swift is just another celebrity who wants attention, attention, and more attention. I am a fan. But I also know that she portrays herself as this perfect little girl with the pretty little girl squad. Screw the snap chatted phone call and all her denials. In the first place, why would she agree for Kanye to write a lyric about her having sex with him? It’s disgusting. Especially with how she portrays herself as this pure and innocent virgin despite the dozen of guys she has kissed. I don’t get it. She should have never agreed to that lyric in the first place since it’s soooo not how she portrays herself.

As for Kim, well I get that she wants to defend Kanye…. All I know about Kim is that she was in a porn video. But, Kim is now a mother, right? I think that she can do better than what she did in her Snapchat. I mean, she shouldn’t want her kid to let the world know that she ruined a celebrity by leaking a video that shouldn’t even be leaked about because there’s a thing called privacy. I believe that for a rich person, and from being badmouthed once in her life, she should know better. Especially how that feels like.

Right now, the way I see it, Taylor is the loser in this battle. And Kim doesn’t win either way. Both sides did something wrong. Dear Taylor, you have to stop acting like a princess if you’re just going to date and kiss every guy who looks at you twice. And dear Kim, you’re a woman, a wife, and a mother…I think it would be better if you just play as a peace maker. Don’t you want Kanye to live life having more peace and friends, than enemies and songs with the word sex, bitches and nudity? And speaking of that Famous music video, why would any person even shoot a video like that? It’s so disgusting. I mean, not everyone believes in God, but I think everyone should have respect for the human body. Kim Kardashian, just because you’re a confident porn star, and with your body,  doesn’t mean you can go around agreeing with your husband to post a video like that. You’re a woman, and not every woman is that comfortable. I know…I know it’s called freedom. Kim, having a background like yours, I think you should be more inspired to turn your life around and start anew especially now that you are blessed with a beautiful baby. I think that with all your experiences and with all the love you have showed Kanye, you’d be a great mother. And a great friend too.

Honestly, why don’t we just admit our faults? Taylor, just admit that you wanted the fame anyway. And Kanye, just make peace with Taylor in the process. And Kim? You have a great family, and I think that it would be great to see you in one of Taylor’s Fourth of July parties. This is show business, and everybody plays plastic most of the time. Can’t you all just get along and play being plastic better? This way, you get more album sales. And this way, at least both of you will be leading the public eye to believe that you’re this perfect thing we can only dream of. It’s how life rolls.

And for Katy Perry? You wanted to get Taylor’s dancers, right? Then, you don’t have the right to get mad and call a person a snake when you are one too. As if you’ve never been a Regina George. Everyone has been a Regina George once in their lifetime, I’m sure. Even babies can be bullies. What more a rich person, right? Katy, I’m not shading you. I love your music, but I just think you also have to admit you made a mistake too. Just forgive. And Taylor, this is music industry. There is always competition. Just make peace now, please. Both of you are beautiful people, and you would look good together in a music video promoting friendship. Even if it’s out of plasticity.

And Taylor’s friends? Friends defend friends. You guys are mostly quiet. I’m sure Taylor is disappointed no one is tweeting how perfect she is. Please put on a little more effort.

This is not a hater post. Only an opinion-ated post. I love Taylor, Katy, and though I don’t know Kardashian/West well, I know that the fact they have a child together, makes them capable of bringing pureness and goodness in the world. Hollywood, you’re supposed to put on a good show. And good shows come with a good life lesson. And shading, hating, calling people a snake, and shading again isn’t something to teach others. You can teach us better than that, right?

And, also, btw Calvin, you shouldn’t have told the interview you can’t make a song with Taylor if you just did. A girl doesn’t want to be denied like that. For a boyfriend, you’re really naive. So, don’t throw shade. I get that you’re angry at her for revealing secrets, but you also made a mistake. Both of you did. Time to forgive, forgive.

Can we all be cool now? Think of all the beautiful memories all of you once had with each other. You’d want to live your life having more memories than those, and not the bad shady ones. There’s more to life than shading and hating.



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