Review: Prince with Benefits by Nicole Snow


Review Rating: 1/5 star

I really wanted to love this book, but I hate it. I love the way the summary sounded…about a girl who has to marry a prince. But reading it until the end, I didn’t feel their love at all. The book is only very short with fifteen chapters. Everything that happened was in a rush.

First, Erin’s father is discovered to have cancer. And Prince Silas looking for a bride, bribes her with money to treat her father in Mexico. In a matter of days, they fall in love without reason at all. They had one sort of date in the woods by having sex. This book is like 80% sex. And, I hate reading graphic sex. So, I basically skipped a lot. All the Prince says is that he wants to be inside Erin. It’s disgusting. I mean, it wouldn’t be if I actually felt them falling for each other…but everything happened just too fast.

Anyway, bottom line is, even the climax was predictable. I don’t even want to talk about it anymore because there are only three ways to summarize this book. One, being engaged to the prince, all the two protagonists wants to do is have sex. Two, even if people around them are sick, all they think about is fucking each other. And three, up until the end of the book after the ambush of one of the prince’s bitches, all they do afterward is want to do the act of sex again. I think that with such a beautiful summary, I just assumed I’d love this book. But, I was very wrong. The characters are both pigs. I mean, all the prince gives Erin are sex toys. DISGUSTING! Not even a necklace…or normal royalty stuff. Ewww to the maximum level.

The dialogue was fine. Honestly, if the author wasn’t in such a rush writing this…the story might have been great. If only….


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