Movie Review: Fathers and Daughters with Amanda Seyfried


Review Rating: 4/5 stars

This movie is so heart touching. I’ve never cried so much regarding a father and a daughter. Though my experiences in life are not so similar with Katie, I really felt the love her father had for her.

In this movie, we get to see the relationship a father has with his daughter. Katie’s mom died in a car accident. And this causes Katie’s father a little depression. Her dad enters a rehab like mental hospital and stays for seven months. Katie cries when her dad leaves, but she is well taken care of by her mom’s sister. Her father is a writer.

After seven months of treatment, Katie’s father finally takes her back home. They live life together happily, and much more better. However, Katie’s auntie wants to adopt her. The aunt is a lot richer than Katie’s dad. Katie’s dad, who is named Jake Davis, by the way, does everything to provide for Katie. He spends a lot of time writing. He loves writing. And sometimes, he becomes so infatuated with his story that he forgets the time. The aunt sends a lawsuit one day, asking for the child. Of course the father worked on his writing extra hard to be able to afford the lawyer, as well as their other necessities.

Um, this story is told in a lot of flashbacks. And it all made me cry.

But what really is the gist of the story is that in present day, Katie is suffering from the fear of loving someone only to leave her in the end. In the movie, we get to see that Jake dies because his seizure caused him to hit a metal in their bathroom. But before he passes away, he is able to finish his last book entitled Fathers and Daughters. This book won all awards, and it is all about Jake and Katie. This movie…it really made me see how my parents work hard for me in a whole new different light.

Anyway, coping with the fear, Katie solves it by sleeping with a lot of guys. And one day, she meets Cameron, who is a big fan of Jake Davis. And Cameron, he isn’t just another one night stand. They develop a relationship. But this is threatened by Katie’s fear of being left alone. However, in the end if the book, of course everything goes well between them.

I gave this book four out of five starts because honestly, while I love the father/daughter relationship shown, I didn’t feel the girl/boy relationship. I didn’t feel Katie and Cameron’s love. It was just too sudden and out of the blue. And, other things were left unanswered. Like, what happened to Katie’s therapist, her auntie’s family, her uncle who cheated on the said auntie, her cousins…and Cameron’s parents…At the beginning, it focuses on parent/daughter relationship, but at the end it focuses on lovey dovey relationship…and, it just didn’t make me feel it all, especially towards the end.

But overall, it was a great movie. Amanda is a great actress. She will always be one of my favorite celebrities!


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