Review: Cocky Bastard by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward


Review Rating: 4.5/5 stars

This is such a great, funny, and light read! I am now convinced that books written by two authors tend to end up being better.

This revolves around Chance and Aubrey. Aubrey has experience a recent break up when she meets Chance in a store on the way to California. Chance on the other hand, has gone through a tough time due to his sister’s recent rape. His sister was once associated with drugs, and she was raped by a drug addict. Chance tracked him down and beated the man up. This causes him two years of imprisonment. The day he meets Aubrey is two weeks before the day he enters the prison life.

This is the reason for the story’s conflict. There are two parts in this book. The first part is the love the two characters develop in their road trip to California. Chance’s bike got broken, and Aubrey’s tire had a flat. They needed each other. Chance fixed Aubrey’s tire in a exchange for a hitch going to California. They end up enjoying each other’s company so much, and even end up having a fake wedding in Las Vegas. However, after their last night together (yes, they did it), Chance just leaves.

This is where part two starts. We find out why Chance left. And this is because he needed to stay in prison. However, throughout the second part, what we see is how Chance works hard to get Aubrey back. He stalks her, manages her lawn, buys her coffee, and other more things. In the end, Aubrey tells Chance that it has always been him even if two years had gone by. Take note that Aubrey is seeing a guy when Chance came back, so it was very challenging for Chance to show Aubrey that he is worth a second chance.

The first part is told in Aubrey’s POV, the second in Chance’s. The ending was a bit cliché, but overall, this book made me happy. I skipped a graphic scene though…haha, rated PG.


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