Life: Even After Your Heart Stops Beating

My brother has a heart condition. His heart beats faster than a flying bird, a swimming fish, and you running from a monster. The rate of his heart beat is so fast, I’m afraid of the day it will get tired of beating all together.

Tonight, my grandmother told me to love my brother extra much because his life won’t last until forever. And her words haunt me. I am afraid of the day his heart will get tired.

A lot of us say how painful it is to experience heartbreak and heartache. But I think that pain is more than just a heart broken up by a boy. Real pain means real life problems. Not about boyfriend/girlfriend, but about love that last for so long, it hurts all together when someone takes it away from you. Especially when that love is from a family member.

I’m writing this to remember the conversation I had with my grandmother. Today made me realize how much I love my brother, and how much I love him more each day his heart is growing tired. I’m afraid if his heart overworks itself, but I am more afraid if his heart gets tired of fighting to be with us.

I don’t know how to describe what I am feeling now. But I do know that I will always love my brother even after the day his heart stops beating. I pray that that won’t be soon. We love him so much, and I know his heart loves us back too.


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