Spoiler Review: Love Letter To Whiskey by Kandi Steiner


This is the story of B and Jaime. And it is literally their story, and B writes it down as a letter to Jaime for him to know she loves him. I loved this book throughout the first few pages. But as all the twists and turns came about, I was beginning to get annoyed with the story. Because…what is the whole point of making the twists? If at the end…only one realization is realized?

Basically this book is about a couple who can’t seem to be “together” due to certain forces. At first, they can’t be together because Jaime is B’s bff’s boyfriend. Then, when Jaime was available, they can’t be together because Jaime was leaving for Alder college. Then, when the two meet in Alder, they couldn’t be together again because B already has a boyfriend who happens to be Jaime’s roommate. Then, when finally, B was ready to break things off with her boyfriend, Ethan, to be officially with Jaime, her dad dies and so she has to leave Alder and Jaime behind. And when Jaime waits for B for three years in Alder but she doesn’t go back, they meet again in their hometown. And just when they were finally ready to love each other, B leaves for Pittsburg for her internship! And she doesn’t agree to a long distance relationship. And when she doesn’t, Jaime moves on with another girl who he asks for marriage. And when the marriage did not push through, and finally they decided to be “together” with a title, but then the ex-fiance ruins it. So B is left devastated but was able to move on and was even asked for marriage by another guy. And though the wedding pushed through, it only lasted for 5 months. And finally after all those zigzags, Jaime and B finally ends up together married before 30.

AND I JUST HAVE TO SAY that though the author can write, what she wrote was really…i don’t know. I feel like I wasted my time reading this. It’s basically about B just being scared of love. It’s silly. How can you be scared of something so powerful and so beautiful? I rate this 3 stars. The epilogue was so short and too soon…i would have given it 5 stars if it ended with a great epilogue.


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