Living a busy life

Hi guys!

I missed being not busy. I don’t even know why I really picked a medical course. I feel like I’m wasting my life by studying too much. As in, I don’t get to enjoy things anymore. I am sad and depressed and stressed most of the time. Especially since I’m taking the med school exam soon.

I have zero time for reading. And, I am just basically writing this post because I feel like suddenly writing.

I miss my life so much. And I miss my family even if I see them every day. Holiday break is almost over and I’m wasting it on reviewing for medical school. I am just so very scared, guys. As in, seriously. I know that not a lot of people visit my blog since I haven’t been active in all, but if you are currently reading this, please pray for me–that I may do well in my upcoming medical exam to get in the best medical school.

I just really want to make my parents proud. And I want to give back to them the best way possible. And that is by proving to them that the education they are giving me really is worth it. I am so scared, everyone.

I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to manage time. I don’t know where this life will take me. I. Am. So. Scared. What do I do?? I’m so worried all the time. I really don’t want to live like this. I want to live easy and free like my sister who is taking business. But I’m here already. And, there is no going back. I’m almost a step closer to medical school and 4th year college. I am so worried. I’m so scared. I wish I can get where I want to go to. It won’t be for me after all, cuz it always be for them.

I need your prayers, please. Please pray that my heart won’t panic half the time I’m awake. I just wish I can enjoy my life more. I feel like I’m wasting it. 😦 If you’re reading this, never decide to make your life difficult. Just do what you really want to do before it’s too late that you can’t go back anymore. Just make yourself happy before others, please. Do what you really want to do, cuz life doesn’t give second chance. But I really do hope I get in the medical school I want to. Please.


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