Spoiler Review: Don’t Speak by Kate Regnery


I haven’t read such a great book in such a long time. I’m a busy person, but this book–you can’t just stop and put it down. It has everything I have wanted in a fairytale. There’s that deep passion, that dedication, that…everything. YOU HAVE TO PICK THIS BOOK UP.

This is a Little Mermaid retelling. But NO, there is no mermaid involved, or any mute person for that matter. This tells the story of Laire and Erik. Laire is a fisherman’s daughter, and she lives a very old-fashioned lifestyle. You touch her intimately, then you’d have to marry her. On the other hand, we have ERIK, the rich boy, her prince.

A summer brings them together, and makes them fall in love. But just like any secret relationship, it doesn’t end well. And just like any other story, there is an antagonist in Erik’s mother who makes their relationship truly break apart. But at the end of the day, they still find each other, and they still fight for the love they have in their hearts.

I can’t really write the details of the story, since I’ve got a load to study, but just saying–you have to read it. If there is one thing I didn’t like about this book, it would be the ending….The book ended with both Laire and Erik’s family both broken. Both their parents didn’t even go to their wedding. I hate that Erik’s parents don’t ask for forgiveness, and I hate that Laire’s father can’t let go of the old-traditional fashion. Other than that, this book is just great!

I’m giving it a 4.8/5 rating. IF the ending was given a little bit more length to fix up their families, I’d totally give it a 5.

xoxo, Elle.


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